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Top 5 Companies Creating the Metaverse

The metaverse is a rapidly developing trend where many companies are trying to make money today, including small crypto projects and tech giants. The latter, of course, have much more growth potential in this direction. We invite you to meet the largest players in the augmented reality market.


To emphasize their involvement in the development of the metaverse, the American company Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021. Today, the tech giant has a whole division of virtual reality called Reality Labs, which develops VR and AR hardware. Meta also creates its own augmented reality applications and video games. The most famous project is the social platform Horizon Worlds, where users can create their avatars and lead a full virtual life: communicate with each other, go to work, and have fun.


American software giant Microsoft also has big ambitions in the field of augmented reality. In 2021, the company announced its intention to launch its own metaverse called Mesh for Teams in the near future. The project is primarily designed for remote workers who need to feel the spirit of a unified team when they are physically in different locations. Initially, users will be represented in the virtual environment as avatars, but over time, the company promises to develop and implement holoportation, which will allow users to use holograms.


The global leader in visual computing, NVIDIA, is also not staying behind in the global trend. The American technology company has already made a significant contribution to the development of the metaverse by launching the open platform Omniverse. This service allows creators of digital content to develop their own 3D products and model virtual duplicates of existing objects, including entire cities and individual buildings.

Epic Games

Currently, the American online game developer Epic Games has made the most progress in creating the metaverse. Its project Fortnite, originally created as a game, has evolved into a popular social platform with all the possibilities that come with this status. Users can interact with each other and lead a vibrant virtual life, such as attending concerts often held by famous artists on the Fortnite platform.


Chinese conglomerate Tencent is also trying to enter the augmented reality market through video games. In addition, the company recently announced the creation of a special division that will be responsible for developing the concept of the metaverse. Tencent plans to start developing software for creating virtual worlds and releasing VR and AR gadgets.