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What is a Quote?

A quote is the price of a crypto asset set by a seller or buyer for making a transaction. On many platforms, the token's cost is defaultly displayed in US dollars. However, you can always choose the ratio to another fiat currency (euro, ruble, etc.) in the settings.

Where to Track Cryptocurrency Quotes?

The digital asset market is highly volatile, and quotes can change rapidly, so effective trading requires regular rate monitoring.

Today, there are numerous aggregator and information portals where cryptocurrency quotes are regularly updated, but the information there is provided with a slight delay.

In contrast to these services, on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, you can observe the dynamics of asset prices in real-time. This gives a significant advantage because you can react much more quickly to a price spike to maximize your profit from a trade: sell the token at a higher price or buy it at a lower one.

Another advantage of exchanges and platforms is that they have additional features for analyzing the current situation and predicting trends (such as order books and order history), which also contributes to more effective trading.

Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, predicting their dynamics is quite challenging but possible. To do this, it's necessary to closely monitor all potential triggers that can influence supply and demand. Let's list some of them:

  • General euphoria in the crypto market usually leads to an increase in quotes, while panic tends to cause a collapse.
  • Observing the actions of large investors who have the ability to manipulate prices can help predict trends.
  • Cryptocurrency usually rises before a hard fork, so it makes sense to track all news from developers.
  • An increase in rhetoric about cryptocurrency market regulation always has a negative impact on asset dynamics.
  • Most cryptocurrencies correlate with Bitcoin, so it's important to monitor the current and projected dynamics of the digital leader.