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Bitcoin Cash faucets: most profitable ones ensuring fast withdrawals

Do you want to get deeper knowledge about Bitcoin Cash but don’t know where to start? At first, you can read our article Bitcoin Cash versus US dollar chart. It will tell you everything about this asset price.

Here, we share with you some tips on how to get a BCH satoshi for free. Let us provide more details about faucets, how they work, and what remuneration users get.


  • How it works
  • What faucets there are
  • Best options
  • Micro wallets
  • Wallets
  • Conclusion

How do faucets work?

The ever-evolving crypto sphere constantly attracts new participants and expands its use cases. At the same time, the number of methods for getting coins also increases.

One of such methods is the faucets. These are websites or apps that profit from ads, videos, banners, and other promotional content.

The faucets’ profits directly depend on the number of people viewing the ads. To increase the audience, faucets attract users with cryptocurrencies.

To put it simply, when a user clicks a link, both the user and the faucet app benefit from it. The app gets revenues as its ads are viewed, while the user gets coins for viewing the ads.

Some of the tasks may involve solving CAPTCHA, watching ads, or subscribing to newsletters. Depending on what task is set for a user, the criteria for its fulfillment are also set. For example, it can be the number of ads viewed, the length of time spent on the website, and so on. The list of available faucets for getting BCH and other cryptocurrencies often changes. Some apps cannot withstand the competition and leave the market with new platforms replacing them. At the same time, one should understand that faucets do not provide huge profits. Remunerations are paid in satoshi, and one SAT is 1/100 000 000 of a BCH coin. At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin Cash was valued at $383.79. So, 1,000 satoshis would be less than $0.004.

Types and Registration

To earn bitcoins on faucet websites, a user needs to sign up first. At any rate, registration is required in most faucet apps.

In fact, registration is usually fast and simple, it takes just a few minutes. A user needs to provide email and wallet addresses.

There are quite a lot of Bitcoin Cash faucets nowadays, so they are classified in several types.

Specifically, some faucet apps set a limit on satoshi withdrawals. In other words, to get satoshis on your wallet, you may be required to earn a certain minimum amount.

Such websites usually offer higher remunerations compared to other faucets that do not impose any restrictions, allowing users to withdraw even the smallest fractions of a coin instantly. As for Bitcoin Cash withdrawals, some faucet websites send BCH directly to a crypto wallet, while others use the service of crypto rewards and micropayment platforms. One of the biggest platforms is FaucetPay. More details about it are provided below. There is another classification based on the remuneration size. It can be either a specific satoshi amount or a random one. Finally, faucets can serve to get a particular cryptocurrency, or they can be used to earn various coins.

What Bitcoin Cash faucets are there?

To pick a suitable platform for getting BCH, first you need to factor in your opportunities. Namely, you should consider how much time you can spare on such activities, what topic is most interesting to you, and what tasks your device can solve.

It is also important to remember that the crypto market is not regulated. So, to avoid falling victim to scammers, you need to cooperate with trusted services only.

It would be good to spend a few minutes and read reviews about a faucet app you are going to pick. Also, you need to pay attention to remunerations.

If a faucet app offers its users to pay much more than others, it should raise doubts. Nobody can earn tens of thousands of satoshis neither in ten minutes nor in one hour. Also, experts recommend using several faucet apps to increase earnings. However, users are not allowed to create several accounts in one app. Many faucet services apply such a rule. Besides, the use of proxy servers and VPN is also often prohibited. Meanwhile, it is definitely worth installing antivirus software. Nowadays, there are numerous types of crypto faucets where you can get Bitcoin Cash as a reward. Some of the most reliable faucets are listed below:

  • Keran offers 120 satoshis at an interval of 60 minutes. If you bring new users to the faucet, you will get a 25% referral bonus;
  • Bagi pays 120 satoshis per hour. A referral bonus is 25%;
  • FaucetSpin pays its users 5 satoshis every 5 minutes and a 20% referral bonus;

FaucetSpin pays its users 5 satoshis every 5 minutes and a 20% referral bonus;

In all the above mentioned faucets, withdrawals are made via FaucetPay.

Registration on these platforms is easy and won’t take a lot of time. The signup form can be found on the website’s homepage.

All you need to do is fill in the form, confirm your email, and activate your account.

With some faucets, you can claim your tokens only after hitting a minimum threshold. So, they will pay you satoshis only when you accumulate a certain amount of them.

Naturally, most users want to get their rewards right after completing a task. That is why platforms with instant payouts are so popular.

Here are some of them:

  • Diamondfaucet allows users to earn 63 satoshis every 7 minutes. Tokens will be deposited to FaucetPay. A referral bonus is 15%;
  • Claim Free BCH is ready to pay 500 satoshis every 10 minutes. Also, you will get 10 satoshis from every reward of your referral. Coins can be transferred directly to a wallet on iCoinPay;
  • Crypto Fun Space offers its users to earn 150 satoshis every 5 minutes. Coins are instantly transferred to FaucetPay;
  • Moon Cash users can claim from 40 to 500 satoshis with a 5-minute interval between claims. A reward is then transferred to a CoinPot micro wallet. The platform offers a referral bonus of 25%;
  • Big BCH Win offers a reward of 70 satoshis every 5 minutes which can be transferred to FaucetPay. A referral bonus is 10%.

About FaucetPay

As you have read above, many Bitcoin Cash faucets transfer coins to FaucetPay. This is a service where you receive micropayments from faucets and then transfer them to your wallet.

So, in fact, it can be viewed as a micro wallet provider where micro crypto payments are accumulated and then sent to the user.

You will need to register with FaucetPay by entering your email, creating login and password, and linking your crypto wallet.

To withdraw your crypto rewards, specify the currency in your account (Bitcoin Cash in our case), state the amount and click Withdraw.

FaucetHub is another popular micropayment system which is very similar to FaucetPay.

Both FaucetHub and FaucetPay provide the list of faucets they are compatible with which is very convenient when choosing a suitable platform.

Keep in mind that those micro wallets are just temporary storage for your satoshis. They need to be transferred to your crypto wallet if you want to use them.

How to choose a wallet

You won’t have any difficulties getting a wallet for BCH. There are currently around 24 platforms where you can create a wallet for Bitcoin Cash.

Since the choice of wallets is rich, pick what suits you best.

If you are planning to use your smartphone or tablet to transfer rewards, consider mobile apps such as Coinomi, Bitcoin Cash Wallet, etc.

For those who prefer a desktop version, Exodus and Jaxx can be a good choice.

Hardware wallets by Ledger and Trezor look like a regular flash drive. They are regarded as the most secure way to store crypto but their latest versions can cost several hundred dollars. Opening a wallet is easy. Its provider usually has a detailed instruction. In the case of a desktop wallet, a user will need to install special software on their computer. To transfer coins from a micro wallet to your major crypto wallet, you need to link them to each other. We have discussed these steps above. Then you can go to the faucet website, earn more satoshis and do what you want with them.


So, Bitcoin Cash faucets are perfect for those who want to grasp the basics of the crypto world and get free satoshis at the same time. This is an easy way to get started in crypto without large initial capital.

Yet, the amount of rewards is very small.

To make a decent profit, you need to devote all your time to them or arrange tons of referrals. Another way out is to use several platforms at once.

Experienced users go through dozens of faucets and withdraw satoshis as often as possible in case they get blocked for high activity.

Later, you can turn your BCH into a long-term investment or trade it on a crypto exchange, for example, IFXBIT. It’s worth keeping in mind that the price of Bitcoin Cash is constantly fluctuating and so is the reward offered by faucets. Find out more in our articles: “How to buy Bitcoin Cash” “Bitcoin Cash: how to earn and get BCH” “Best Bitcoin Cash mining pools”