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How much is one ether in US dollars?

Over the past five years, the Ether price demonstrated a 55-fold surge. You can read more about it in the article “ETH vs. USD chart”.

In this article, we provide information about the current ether price, factors that influence its cost, as well as its price changes in daily, monthly, and yearly terms.


  • Fluctuations
  • Price dynamics
  • ETH against EUR and BTC
  • How to buy
  • Conclusion

What causes volatility

Ethereum was launched in 2015, though its creator Vitalik Buterin had presented a prototype of the new cryptocurrency two years before that.

As of now, ETH takes a leading position in the digital assets market. Foremost, the token attracts investors thanks to its safety and extensive use cases.

Another reason for Ether popularity is smart contracts that are created in this blockchain. Most NFTs and DeFi projects are powered by the Ethereum network.

Moreover, ether is a lucrative investment tool. A great number of crypto exchanges and platforms facilitate various operations with ETH.

For crypto enthusiasts, it is rather important to keep tabs on the current market developments. In this regard, an asset price is a key indicator.

It is also important to catch the right moment to make a profitable deal. Ultimately, it all depends on ETH quotes.

The token price constantly changes. Both internal and external factors influence the price dynamics.

The external factors include the supply-demand ratio as well as investor sentiment. Specifically, a cryptocurrency price rises when there is high demand for it. This rule is applicable to any market, actually. The investor sentiment is shaped by the relations between bulls and bears. Bulls profit from price increases, whereas bears see interest in price declines. If the bullish trend prevails, crypto quotes rise. In the bearish market, the situation is the opposite. Another key factor is the actions of whales. Large market participants have a great influence on Ethereum quotes, as they possess huge volumes of this token. The external factors include BTC dynamics, the news background, as well as global economic conditions. Quotes of every cryptocurrency can be tracked over the span of its existence. According to charts, most altcoins, including ether, correlate with BTC.

The news background may comprise announcements about upgrades, creation of new ETH wallets, and other updates. It may contribute to the Ether attractiveness. In turn, higher demand results in higher prices.

Finally, there is an economic factor. As practice shows, people tend to trust digital currencies rather than fiat ones during the periods of economic crisis and too high inflation.

How much is one Ether?

At the moment of writing, ETH was valued at approximately $2,600, whereas bitcoin price was $39,200 which is almost 16 times higher.

At the same time, it is important to note that ETH quotes constantly change. You can check the current quotes on crypto exchange websites, such as IFXBIT, and other resources.

As seen on the chart, Ethereum quotes changed many times even during several hours.

Over the past 24 hours, the token price rose 1.2%. It means that a ETH investment of $1,000 made yesterday would bring a profit of $12 today.

This result may be achieved in merely one day!

When it comes to a larger timeframe, for instance, a weekly timeframe, ETH’s dynamic against the US dollar is positive. The altcoin has grown by almost 7.3% in the last 7 days.

Importantly, an average price is meant here because ETH’s market quotes fluctuate nonstop every day.

How ETH/USD price changed last week

Date, March 2022 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Price, $ 2,59 2,55 2,53 2,62 2,78 2,77 2,80

Besides, Ether gained ground considerably last month. The token rose by 0.96%.

On February 18, ETH traded at about $2,780 on average. On March 18, the average price was higher at $2,800.

Now let’s figure out how ETH quotes changed throughout last year. The annual dynamic is simply stunning.

For the last 12 months, Ether has appreciated by nearly one and half times, to be more exact by 53.2%.

On March 18, 2021, Ether’s average ask price was $1,780. As of today, the price already stands at $2,800. Interestingly, Ether managed to conquer incredible peaks in 2021. In May, the token spiked to a record $4,180. Half a year later, following a slump in the summer, ETH surged to an all-time high at $4,880. At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Ether got stuck in a bear market. Lately, the token has been developing a steady rally.

What conclusions can we draw from analyzing ETH/USD charts for various periods?

First, the crypto suggests speculative opportunities intraday or even for a few hours. To earn this way, traders follow the rule: buy at lows – sell at highs.

Second, ETH suits long-term investments for a term of a few months and even years.

In theory, funds invested in Ether would have yielded a profit of a whopping 5,424%! For example, if someone invested $1,000 in Ether in March 2017, they could have gained more than $55,000 by now.

ETH and other assets

When we speak about the price of any crypto, we mean its value measured in US dollars. Apart from it, Ether could be traded against other fiat currencies and digital assets.

Earlier, we told you that ETH has rallied by 53.2% against the US dollar.

As for other cryptocurrencies, Ether is most frequently traded against Bitcoin. No wonder, these two coins are the main rivals among other crypto assets. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at about $40,370, i.e. 14 times higher than Ether. A trader may buy almost 0.7 BTC for 1 ETH. A year ago, one ETH token was enough to buy just 0.03 BTC.

The reason for such a dynamic is that Ether has rallied by 53.2% in the last 12 months whereas Bitcoin has slumped by 29.8% over the same time.

How to buy ETH coins

Even beginners decide to invest in Ether owing to its popularity and credibility. So, newcomers try to puzzle out how and where to buy Ether.

The matter can be solved easily because there are lots of ways to buy the token.

The first one is a crypto exchange. Ether is traded on such time-tested platforms as IFXBIT, Binance, EXMO, and others.

Right after you go through procedures of registration and verification and make a deposit, you may invest in the digital currency. For this, you should log in a trading platform and choose what currency you will exchange ETH for. The main criteria for selecting a trading floor are trading volumes and fine reputation. The second option is online exchangers. Their main difference from crypto platforms is a simpler registration. Among popular online exchangers are ProstoCash, Baksman, and Matbea. The essence of their work is easy as pie. A user submits a request specifying what asset you are going to exchange for and the amount. Once the payment is settled, an exchanger makes a transaction and credits Ether token to a user’s e-wallet. The third option is to make an operation through an Ethereum Wallet. Atomic and Trust crypto wallets suit this purpose. Alternatively, you may search for appropriate bots in messengers, but such deals might entail high risks.


You are certainly aware that Ether is a native token in the Ethereum network.

Features of the Ethereum blockchain enables the creation of smart contracts. In turn, they serve as a basis for developing applications.

Their scope may include services for the financial sector, projects for gamers, etc. Everything depends on users’ preferences and aims.

On top of that, a user may launch a native crypto in his/her own application that will be able to yield profits.

If our article has assured you that investing in Ether is lucrative, keep close tabs on Ether’s market quotes and grasp the right time to enter the market. IFXBIT is a reliable trading floor for your ambitions.

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