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How to create a free Ripple wallet on your PC

Ripple’s popularity is growing with the number of investors in the coin.

The article «Chart of XRP/USD” will give you an insight into how much money you should have to buy XRP, and how its price has changed over time.


We will tell you why having a Ripple wallet is essential, what types of wallets there are, and how to install one on your PC for free.

  • Classification
  • Free options
  • Installation
  • Aspects
  • Usage
  • Final thoughts

Wallet types

XRP does not have an official wallet. According to Ripple’s website, the company does not provide such services or give recommendations on the matter.

In this light, traders get confused as they do not know where to store their coins

With the advancement of the crypto industry, more ways of storing XRP coins came along.

They have different security levels, functionality, and so on. These are not physical storage spaces but the keys to access tokens. A Ripple wallet could be compared to a PIN for the bank card where you keep your funds. Without it, you will not be able to use your assets. With wallets in abundance, they can be divided into several types. For example, not all of them require access to the Internet. These are cold crypto wallets. They store your crypto keys offline. This type of wallet is commonly used by investors with large amounts of crypto assets. Meanwhile, hot wallets require access to the internet. Without it, you will not be able to top up your account, conduct transactions or exchange crypto. In other words, no Internet access – no service. This type of wallet is widely used by traders who frequently carry out instant crypto transactions online. Wallets can also be divided into four types, depending on key storage.


  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Paper
  • Hardware

Unfortunately, there is no perfect and universal option for all users.

For example, a hardware wallet resembles a flash drive and connects to a USB socket. It is almost impossible to hack. However, it could be lost or stolen.

Desktop (local) and mobile wallets are quite easy to use. The high speed of transactions is one of their main benefits. However, if a device with a wallet breaks down, it may become difficult to restore access to your crypto assets. A paper wallet is a sheet of paper with a seed phrase, a private key, and a QR code. It may not be a very efficient way of storage but it is suitable for keeping large savings.

Free Ripple wallet

Not all Ripple wallets are free of charge. Thus, the price of a hardware device may vary up to $100.

What is more, the minimum deposit of a Ripple wallet is 20 XRP. These coins are used to create a wallet address.

So, if you deposit your wallet with 200 XRP coins, only 180 of them will be at your disposal. This is its key difference from a BTC wallet.

Because some users can’t afford a paid wallet, we’d like to offer you some tips on how you can store Ripple for free. Like any cryptocurrency, Ripple can be stored on crypto exchanges. You will get a wallet once you register on a platform. Next thing you know, you can buy, sell, exchange, or store tokens. IFXBIT, EXMO, and Binance are examples of exchanges where you can do that.

Let’s see how you can create a wallet on EXMO:

  • You open an account, fill out a registration form, create a login and a password, and specify your email address.
  • You agree with the terms of the User Agreement.
  • You click the link sent via email.
  • You choose a deposit method;
  • You buy Ripple when trading or by placing an order.

Once tokens are in your account, they are available since.

An Abra Wallet is one of the most popular mobile wallets where you can keep XRP and other popular coins.

You can get an Abra Wallet easily.

Just download it from the App Store or Google Play and specify your phone number and email address.

Create a PIN, and the system will generate a seed phrase. You can store XRP once you are done with the registration. GateHub is another storage option. You just need to register, open an account, and pass verification. GateHub’s main advantages are that you can store, exchange, and monitor quotes online.

Other popular options for storing Ripple:

  • Cryptopay
  • CoinPayments
  • BitGo
  • Trust Wallet

Ripple wallet on your PC

Desktop storage is less convenient but safer to use on smartphones.

Some wallets can even synchronize with smartphones, computers, and laptops.

The desktop version is available for various operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Wallets are downloaded and installed to be used on personal computers. A distinctive feature of local wallets is that the keys to them are stored on user devices, and not on the server, as is the case with crypto exchanges. In addition, they have broader functionality and more useful tools. Wallets should be downloaded from official websites only. Having a reliable antivirus is also important when installing the program. Here is a list of the most popular Ripple wallets for PC. An Atomic Wallet is software for storing over 300 cryptocurrencies, including Ripple. It is the right option for inventors with diversified portfolios. This wallet has built-in exchange services, staking, as well as a platform. It takes about 15 minutes to install this software, according to users. You should have only a password and a secret phrase to access the wallet. A Toast Wallet can be used on PC and smartphones. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS.


  • Go to the official website and download software.
  • Launch the program and create a wallet in the menu.
  • Create a password and a secret phrase.
  • Confirm registration.

Coinomi, Exodus, and Rippex are other popular Ripple wallets with a similar installation process.

You should make sure your computer has enough space before you install software.

Indeed, desktop devices can be thick and thin. Thick devices take too much disk space and sometimes require more than 200 GB. Still, they have extensive functionality. Thin devices are the best way to allocate disk space but they have limited functionality.

Important aspects

Having a wallet is not enough to keep your coins safe. You must also use it right.

A wallet is not a physical storage space. It is the key to your crypto assets. A combination of two keys is used for security reasons.

A public key is a wallet address. You give it to the sender to receive funds.

A private key is a password with access to coins, owned by the holder. If a third party gets access to both keys, you may lose all your assets. Therefore, you should always keep them safe. If you have a mobile wallet or a desktop wallet, you should have access to the keys on several devices and make sure nobody else has them. If you choose to have your keys on paper, the sheet with codes can be laminated and stored in a safe. Never fold it as it can make codes unreadable. Always create complex passwords and secret phrases. Here is where aggregator services come in handy. Download mobile and desktop storage exclusively from official websites and buy hardware wallets from registered dealers only. Encrypt wallets and create backups. In fact, backups should also be encrypted. Use several options to store Ripple. Some tokens can be left on an exchange wallet and some can be stored on a desktop or mobile wallet.

You have a Ripple wallet. What’s next?

Once you have a wallet, you should learn how to use it.

This depends on the wallet type you have chosen.

Thus, the only function of a paper wallet is storing coins. You will need another one to buy or exchange XRP coins.

Meanwhile, mobile and desktop wallets can store tokens and allow users to conduct transactions. So, once you have a wallet, you should deposit XRP tokens. In this case, you should forget about the 20 coins necessary for booking an address. You can get Ripple via payment systems by selecting the Buy option. You specify the necessary number of XRP and receive tokens.

You can also buy Ripple on an exchange, through an online exchanger, or from other users.

Keep in mind that tokens never leave the blockchain when you exchange or buy them. The system simply builds a block with the made transaction.

To receive Ripple to your wallet from another user, you should provide this person with the public key and insert the private key on your device for confirmation.

Let’s take a Toast Wallet as an example. To get Ripple, you should copy your wallet address and insert it in the corresponding field. To send tokens, you will need the public key of the counterparty.

Final thoughts

Ripple storing is essential for any investor. Without a wallet, they won’t be able to buy crypto or exchange it.

The safety of your coins, the speed of transactions, and the piece of your mind will depend on the chosen type of wallet. Therefore, you should weigh all pros and cons before picking a particular service.

Remember that a Ripple wallet should be reliable, user-friendly, and safe, to say the least.

Now you know where you can keep your Ripple tokens. It is up to you what option to choose.


When considering options, you should think about how often and where you will use a wallet as well as how many coins you will have in it. If a wallet does not have a user-friendly interface, or you find it difficult to conduct transactions using it, maybe you should look through other options. However, if it suits all your needs, then go ahead, invest in Ripple, and get returns. You can also read the article “Where to buy Ripple”