IFXBIT multi-currency account

IFXBIT Multicurrency Account

In the Multicurrency account, you can keep and use in trading several currencies at once. At any time, you can convert your entire balance or a part of it into other currencies by creating a basket of different assets on your account.

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What is IFXBIT Multicurrency Account?

The Multicurrency account is a convenient and useful feature enabling traders to integrate functions of several accounts. This account is necessary for trading in financial markets. Also, it is intended for keeping digital coins, fiat currencies, and other assets. In the Multicurrency account, you can trade various assets and profit from their price fluctuations. The base currency of the Multicurrency account is the US dollar, so statements and margin requirements in this account are denominated in USD.

US Dollar









Bonuses are not available on the Multicurrency account

Why register the Multicurrency account?


A trader does not have to register several accounts and switch between them while trading


Trading costs are lower as a trader does not need to use third-party exchangers for conversion


A trader can enter a position faster as there is no need to waste time on conversion


A user can store and trade over 30 assets

How it works

No conversion if currency is available

The card is simultaneously linked to four bank accounts. The money will be deducted from the account corresponding to the currency of the transaction.

Easy as VISA

01. Wide range of available instruments

thanks to which the Multicurrency account can be used in almost any situation

02. Best exchange rate

in online conversions and reduced risks during periods of high market volatility

03. Security of funds

and transparency of all transactions

04. Low trading costs

compared to other account types

The Multicurrency account is not available in MetaTrader platforms

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